Before 1800







Pietro Dandini (Florence 1646-1712)

Salome dancing in front of Herodes

Painting, oil on canvas 1700   approximately

87 x 116.5 cm






Salome dancing, wearing a crown, at the banquet of Herode

Painting on wood portable icon  1696 

Greece, Mount Athos, Monastery of Docheiarion

Herode is seen on the right, while the beheading of Saint John is depicted on the left Byzantium, Greece





Salome dancing in front of Herod

Sculpture  1650    approximately

From the church of Saint-Etienne France







Salome dancing

Sculpture 1650  approximately France, Moissac 





Salome dancing

Painting 1600 approximately Romania









Sculpture wood, 1570  approximately Italy







Filippino Lippi (Florence 1406 - 1469 Spoletto)

The banquet of Herodes and the dance of Salome

Painting, fresco, mural 1462  approximately 880 cm long







Maestro de Sigüenza

Salome dances in front of Herod

Painting 1450    approximately     Spain, Madrid,

Museo del Prado





Maître de Marguerite d'Orléans

Salomès dance

Painting, manuscript illumination, miniature 1450 approximately

France, Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale





Taller de los Serrs

 Salome dances in front of Herode

Painting 1390 approximately 

Spain, Madrid, Museo del Prado



Salome dancing with the head of Saint John on her

Painting, mural 1350 approximately

Greece, Thessaloniki, Saint Apostles' church



Salome's dance

Mosaic 1350 approximately Italy, Venezia, Basilica di San Marco






The dance of Salome

Painting 1325 approximately Italy, Firenze,



Salome dancing

Sketch from a mural painting 1290 approximately Greece, Peloponnese, Lakonia, Chrysafa



Salome dancing

Drawing, manuscript illumination, miniature, color 1100 approximately

   Probably from the manuscipt 623 of the Laurentian Library. At left Salome dancing, at right Herod and Herodias. Herod offers on a plate the head of Saint John